Jack London Stories

Here are some Jack London stories and non-fiction works that I have transcribed from various magazines that I have collected. Most, if not all, of Jack London's stories appeared in magazines before they were published in book form. Often, the stories were changed by magazine editors before they were published, so the book versions should probably be considered the "official" versions. But I think the magazine versions are interesting as well and they often have illustrations that don't appear in the book versions. I've tried to transcribe these stories exactly, typographical errors and all. Of course, I very well may have introduced my own errors in the process. I am also scanning in any images included in the magazine versions that sometimes don't appear in the book form (although they don't always appear on the web page exactly where they do in the magazine itself).

I have also scanned in some of Jack London's letters, photos, and inscriptions that I have collected.

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