Through the South Seas With
Jack London

     Jack London is home from his long cruise on the Snark in the remote South Seas, bringing with him a collection of wonderful South Pacific stories and unique descriptions of adventure incident to the most extraordinary voyage ever undertaken by a literary man. He has placed with us, for serial publication during 1910, all the manuscripts, together with a great number of interesting and unusual photographs. (The crew of the Snark were well supplied with cameras.) We feel justified in saying that none will charm so completely as Mr. London's South Sea sketches. The reading world has long been expecting them; in fact, several publications have announced they were going to get them; however we have them.
     Each of the articles is complete in itself. The whole series will give the reader a truer picture of the South Sea Islands than perhaps has ever been presented heartofore. That no little hardship attended the long cruise of the tiny vessel goes without saying, but throughout the articles there runs an undercurrent of delightful humor. Even in the last of the series—which describes almost incredible conditions and experiences that necessitated the abandonment by Mr. London of his plan to continue the voyage around the world—runs the same, careless, half-jesting spirit.

From the December, 1909 issue of The Pacific Monthly magazine.

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