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Click the image to watch the movie. There are also screenshots avaialable.
Here is a movie that I put together as a tribute to all of my Slackers. For the most part, it's just a bunch of clips of them doing mundane things in the game, running around, mining ore, etc. The end credits give them a chance to wave goodbye to everyone. The movie is fairly long, over 8 minutes so the file sizes, especially the HD version, are large, but I think it turned out quite well and is worth watching.

Large/HD 1080x720 - 660 Mb
Medium 720x480 - 200 Mb
Small 480x272 - 60 Mb
Lameaxe is up top of Mazthoril in Winterspring. He's about to get flung across the world to Western Plaguelands.
While fishing, Lameaxe saw these three ne'er-do-wells wandering by. They were a major hassle for Lameaxe many moons ago. Revenge is a dish best served with a fishing rod.
Lameaxe and the kitten riding through Winterfall Village.
Lameaxe, fishing as the sun sets.
The white kitten chasing after a meal. Actually, that fish is Lameaxe. There is a trinket that you get as a reward for winning the Stranglethorn Vale fishing contest that will turn you into a fish and allow you to swim a lot faster than normal. (At :15 seconds you can hear someone above water summoning a mount.)
As a possible clip for my tribute movie, I wanted to have an adult wolvar and wolvar pup walking through Stormwind enjoying the sites. This is Lameaxe using his [Frenzyheart Brew] that turns him into a Wolvar and his [Curious Wolvar Pup] pet.
Skinbo, tossing a frostfire bolt at gundrak raptor.
Although I wasn't that into PvP, I did spend a lot of time fighting, well, trying to fight, in Wintergrasp. At one point, I considered using a Wintergrasp battle in my tribute movie. Here is Skinbo on his way to slaughter.
Here is Skinbo in the mine field in Storm Peaks. (A similar clip made it to my tribute movie.)
Orcmo and Beast, running down the road in the Barrens.
Orcmo, hunting with Beast. I have a similar video in my tribute movie.
Orcmo, hunting with Beast in Nagrand. Nagrand was my favorite zone in Outland.
For my tribute movie, I had two scenes where my rogues, Raggett and Grackle, flew through Shalozar Basin. Raggett flew on a dragon. One of the cool bits was when the dragon flew down the runway in Borean Tundra.
Raggett, doing a daily quest for the Wyrmrest Accord in Borean Tundra.
Raggett, fighting a bad guy.
Raggett, fighting another bad guy.
This was a potential "credits" clip of Raggett for my tribute movie. I liked the rat there in the foregound.
Boaringguy, doing his thing. The crystals in this area have an incrediby annoying hum. Because Boaringguy spent so much time here, I had to replace that sound with a "silent" sound.
Boaringguy has just sold all his garbage to a vendor and is ready to fly back up to where the boars are.
These demons were often wandering around the area where Boaringguy was killing boars. Although they weren't really a threat, Boaringguy would have to wait until they passed by before continuing. If/when he did get to close and the demons started to attack him, Boaringguy would just vanish. The weird looking thing flying there, an Aether Ray, is non-agressive and won't attack unless attacked first. Boaringguy had to be careful not to hit one by accident.
Bulluc, riding his Venomhide Ravasaur down the path from Tanaris to Un'goro Crater.
Bulluc, riding his Venomhide Ravasaur down the pat from Tanaris to Un'goro Crater, but walking this time. I like how the ravasaur's claw flips up as it steps.
For my Slackers tribute movie, I wanted to show Booty Bay coming into view as Bulluc arrives. I ended up with Bulluc arriving by ship but originally, he rode (or walked) through the cave entrance.
Bulluc, arriving at Booty Bay via the cave entrance. This time by foot. (Hoof?)
Here we see Bulluc hitting on the ladies near the "crazy cat lady's" house.
How can the ladies be ignoring Bulluc? Sigh. A complete and udder failure.
Bulluc, in "ghost wolf" form. I liked this talent, especially early on because it made movement faster and you could use it even in combat.