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Click the image to see the full picture. There are also several movies avaialable.
A fairly recent "character selection screen". You can see that Boaringguy and Grackle still haven't hit 80 yet. Lameaxe is wielding his fishing pole. I'm pretty sure I was working on the Salty (Acomplished Angler) achievement, trying to catch a rare "Dark Herring".
A bunch of Slackers and their pets waving goodbye. They're in Winterfall Village, the furbolg village in Winterspring where you work on Timbermaw Hold (and Winterspring Trainers) reputation. I spent a lot of time there. Winterspring was my favorite zone in the game and was the final destination of all my characters before they were deleted.
As I mentioned above, one of the items on my bucket list was to build/buy motorcycles for all of the Slackers. Actually, Gooniecat, Lameaxe, and Orcmid already had bikes so I only needed eight more. Here you can see them riding on the Mirgage Raceway in Thousand Needles. These bikes must be environmentally friendly since there's no exhaust smoke...
This is a "family portrait" of all of the Slackers hanging out somewhere in Elwynn Forest. A modified version of this picture was used as the final still image in my tribute movie.
This is an early screenshot of Lameaxe, mining copper ore in Elwynn Forest.
Lameaxe and the kitten, fishing in Westfall back when Lameaxe was only a little salty.
Lameaxe sitting on an airplane parked in the airfield above Ironforge. This was back when it was difficult to get up there and you would supposedly get banned if you were caught. Lameaxe was such a rebel in those days.
Here, Lameaxe is sitting outside the inn in Everlook, Winterspring. Each of my characters ended up right about there. They summoned their pet/minion, said goodbye to it, said goodbye to everyone else, then logged out. Then they got deleted. Lameaxe and Orcmid also had to disband the Slacker(s) guilds before logging out. (Note the blank tabard.)

Lameaxe looks kind of sad... Maybe he knows that he's about to be deleted. (But he'll be back.)
Born to be bad.
Lameaxe riding his bike on the Tail of the Dragon.
Lameaxe has just completed another step on his descent into madness, aka, the Insane in the Membrane achievement.
Part of the Insane achievement is getting all four of the goblin reputations to exalted. One way to do that is to free this guy, Knot Thimblejack, who is being held prisoner by the ogres in Dire Maul. Again and again and again. Fortunately, I liked Dire Maul.
Lameaxe got the "Exalted" achievement at the same time as the "Insane" achivement. That actually took some work. I needed Darkmoon Faire to be his 40th exalted reputation so although I had enough darkmoon decks to turn in for DMF reputation, I held on to them while farming "Keepers of Time" rep in "Old Hillsbrad Foothills" and "Sha'tar" rep in "The Mechanar". Because it was the last day of Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn forest, I farmed Mechanar for 12 hours straight in order to get it finished. Otherwise, I would have had to wait two more months to get Exalted and Insane.
Lameaxe, showing off his new "Insane" title.
Although it took Lameaxe forever to get around to finishing the last few quests in Icecrown, the hard (and fun) part of the Loremaster achievement is finding and completing the quests in "old" Azeroth. It's much easier now that there's an addon that lists missing quests, but back in his day, Lameaxe had to mouse over every NPC in the game looking for a yellow '!'. Uphill. In the snow. And he liked it!
Lameaxe, showing off his Salty title. As boring as fishing in World of Warcraft may be, I actually enjoyed it.
Lameaxe was a pet collector, although [White Kitten] was his favorite. Here he is with [Little Fawn], the reward for getting 75 pets. If there is ever a reward for getting 100 pets, it really needs to be a dalmation since that would be the 101st pet.
Lameaxe purchased a sixth guild bank tab for 5000g although there really wasn't a need for it. So it got filled up with Pygmy Suckerfish. Gold well spent!
Skinbo, in Toshley Station picking up some power converters. Hmm. Toshley looks a lot like Skinbo. I wonder if they are related. Note the old Slackers tabard.
Skinbo, opening a can of whoopass on a buzzard.
Sittin' on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away. Ooo I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay, wasting time.
To skinfinity...and beyond!
Oh, Skinbo, Skinbo... that's just wrong.
An early screenshot of Orcmo. The quest giver mentions those slacking lazy peons. Little did he realize that Orcmo would soon become a Slacker as well.
Orcmo and the original Beast.
There's a horde quest in Hillsbrad Foothills that resurrects an elite undead guy and his minions who then go on to ravage the Alliance town of Southshore until he is killed. Orcmo invited Cyonara, an Alliance priest to check out the destruction but warned her to not get too close. She didn't listen.
Orcmo and Beast in Thousand Needles. The game needed more eye patches.
Orcmo and Beast watching the sun go down. This was my desktop background image for a long time.
Even non-engineers like Orcmo occasionally get to fly in helicopters.
Who would have guessed that Orcmo was a Baylor fan? Sic'em Bears!
Unfortunately for Raggett, these are some of the best rogue pants for his level.
Raggett, getting started on Timbermaw Hold reputation. Look at those pants! Sheesh.
Raggett, entering Outland for the first time, ready to take on the Burning Legion. If only he had some better pants. But he does have an eyepatch, so that helps.
Raggett, about to send a bunch of heavy lock boxes to Lameaxe. At first, he got these in Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands, but Lower Blackrock Spire turned out to be a lot better for this.
Here are all of the gnome effigies that Raggett collected. I submitted this image in to Blizzard for a possible "screenshot of the day" but it didn't make it.
An early screenshot of Boaringguy, killing boars in Westfall.
In addition to his job of ridding the world of boars, Boaringguy was also the Slacker "bank alt". I think this was before guild bank vaults were added.
Hey! How did Skinbo and Boaringguy appear together?
Boaringguy, working on undead boars in Razorfen Downs. At one point, I thought that I might have to kill Quilboars, too, even though they aren't really boars. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.
After killing Bellygrub 300 times, Boaringguy was (barely) strong enough to handle the boars inside Razorfen Kraul.
While killing boars in Blasted Lands, Boaringguy sometimes had to sneak around to avoid this guy, Teremus the Devourer. Note another old Slackers tabard.
"Some day, tranquil mechanical yeti, we'll be strong enough to go through the Dark Portal and then we'll be done with orange dirt, weird skies, and demon boars forever."
Getting to 80 just by killing boars? Madness!
Now that's a mace.
Even after Boaringguy hit 80, he had more boars to kill. He still needed to get 5 more points in each of his weapon skills to max them out.
So what do you do after you hit level 80 just by killing boars? Go fishing.
Gooniecat, having to deal with a giant chicken.
Gooniecat, now exalted with the furbolgs of Timbermaw Hold, has just turned in the final quest to the king of Ironforge. Getting all of my characters exalted with Timbermaw Hold was one of the items on my bucket list. Furbolgs were my favorite non-playable race in the game. Alliance characters can get a quest item that will turn them into furbolgs for a few minutes. Unfortunately, Lameaxe turned his in and lost it but my other alliance kept theirs.
As an engineer, Gooniecat got to fly around in a helicopter, sometimes referred to as a "ROFLcopter".
Gooniecat, in her upgraded, turbocharged ROFLcopter. Note the all important hula girl on the dash.
Gooniecat and her mighty army of penguins.
Best. Quest name. Ever.
Born to be mild.
The "old" Orcmid, when he was a warrior.
Orcmid, sitting in Warchief Thrall's seat. You move, you lose.
Orcmid, showing off his new bike.
Bulluc, looking at the corpse of Bulluc. Wait, what?
Bulluc didn't run around with a non-combat pet, but he did have some. Here he was with the (temporary) Day of the Dead [Macabre Marionette].
Bulluc is about to kill a rare dragon that would occasionally show up and interfere with Boaringguy's boar killing.
Bulluc, checking out the ladies.
To transfer gold from one faction to the other, you can sell something through the neutral goblin auction house. My brother's character Ambyr helped me with this to get gold to my Horde characters to buy motorcycle parts. What is the auction house's cut on a 30,000g purchase? 4,500g. Ouch!
"Are we there, Yeti?" is my favorite quest in the game. A goblin in Winterspring wants you to use a mechanical yeti to scare her friends. (If you are an engineer, you also learn to make one yourself.)
There is a quest in Terokkar Forest in which you have to hunt a particular wolf and your reward is a helmet made from the wolf's head. I like this "wolf hat" and all of my characters (well, not Boaringguy...) got one. Although the wolf hat gets replaced fairly quickly, I kept them in the bank until the end.
Grackle, now exalted with Timbermaw Hold, has just turned in the final quest to Thrall. Getting all of my characters exalted with Timbermaw Hold was one of the items on my bucket list. Furbolgs were my favorite non-playable race in the game.
Grackle, enjoying the full moon.
Grackle, showing off his collection of gnome effigies.
Yarrr, here be Hatdance showing off her dread pirate costume and her, uh, treasure chest. And there still be some landlubbers who say all dwarf lasses be ugly. Scallywags, I say! Yarrr.
Hatdance, doing the "Are we there, yeti?" quest.

"Why do you chase me, Mechanical Yeti?! WHY?!"
Hatdance, turning in her last Timbermaw Hold quest.
If this is Hatdance's future self, she really does need to get some better equipment.
Fistee and Mr. Pookums, the floating bunny of doom.
Fistee, about to take on a giant gorilla.
Fistee, showing off her new wolf hat.
Boaringguy posing for my brother's "Gnome Depot" car entry in a recent Toyota/NASCAR contest. Unfortunately, his entry didn't win.
Fistee posing for my brother's "Gnome Depot" car. Actually, that's not Fistee. Fistee was unable to wield a two-handed mace, including that shovel. I created a temporary character, named Notfistee, for this screenshot.
Gooniecat posing for my brother's "Gnome Depot" car.
Skinbo posing for my brother's "Gnome Depot" car.
Roofflaps (not a Slacker) is about to begin the grind for a new Winterspring Frostsaber.
Roofflaps and his new ride.
Roofflaps, disguised as a furbolg, is amused as a horde raid on Ironforge fails.
Sorry, Skinbo. Boaringguy says that turning your targets into pigs isn't the same as killing boars.
Dumbaxe, doing his Smokey the Bear impersonation.
While questing in Thousand Needles, you get a "buff" that allows you to breathe underwater, and when active you get this air bubble around your head. At one point in the zone, you are being followed around by a bunch of baby wind riders and they get the buff (and bubble head) as well.
Dumbaxe, doing the "Plants vs. Zombies" quest in Hillsbrad Foothills.
Use the force, Dumbaxe.
Here, Dumbaxe is rescuing the murloc tadpoles in Blasted Lands.
I had to work a bit so that when I turned in the tadpole rescue quest that I would get Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms at the same time.
Dumbaxe's new wheels. Yes, the Frostsaber mount was an obsession of mine.
Dumbaxe, showing off his wolf hat.
Getting the Loremaster achievement for Dumbaxe was one of the few items on my Cataclysm "bucket list".
At one point in the Goblin starting zone, you get to ride a cat that had the same model as Orcmo's pet, Beast.
The same cat shows up in Stonetalon Mountains. By the way, the quest chains in this zone were outstanding, especially the horde quests. Blizzard did a good job with this.
Technically, Grout isn't a Slacker.
Grout has just rescued the tadpoles in Blasted Lands.
It took forever, but Grout finally got the homing beacon in Tanaris to drop and was able to do the mechanical chicken escort quest.
One of the items on my Cataclysm "bucket list" was getting Grout the Professor title that you get along with the achievement for discovering 20 rare items with Archaeology. Ugh.
Occasionally, Deathwing, the dragon that caused the Cataclysm, flies overhead torching everyone below, killing them, (and giving them the "Stood in the Fire" achievement). Someone really should punch Deathwing in the face.
Grout, flying a dragon in Twilight Highlands.
Here's Grout, next to Lizna Goldweaver who sells tailoring supplies in Orgrimmar. She didn't know it, but Grout had a crush on her. Or maybe she did, and was just playing hard to get.
Grout, sitting and listening to Sylvanas sing "Lament of the Highborne". Grout had this quest in his quest log for a long time but didn't turn it in until the very end. This was the final World of Warcraft quest I ever did.
Here is a picture of Dumbaxe and Grout on a fishing trip.

Although you normally can't log in with two characters from a single account at the same time, there's a way to trick the game into doing it, but only for a short time. If you disconnect from the network, quit WoW, reconnect, relaunch WoW, and log in with a different character, you can get both characters on the screen at the same time. You then have about 20 seconds to pose and take a screenshot before the game syncs up and the first character disappears. I really wish I had done some of these with Lameaxe and Orcmo.

Dumbaxe and Grout showing off their bikes.
Both Dumbaxe and Grout had the archaeology fossil mount and pets.
Dumbaxe and Grout showing off their rare-ish mounts. Dumbaxe has a Winterspring Frostaber and Grout has a Venomhide Ravasaur.
Professor Grout and Loremaster Dumbaxe, hanging out with the Timbermaw furbolgs. This was their final destination. Shortly after this screenshot was captured, they were deleted. Oh no!
It's the end of the world (of warcraft) as we know it.
It's the end of the world (of warcraft) as we know it.
It's the end of the world (or warcraft) as we know it and I feel fine.